June 12th in Seattle, July 31st in Portland, Album Update, Get Hip to Tangents

From: "Ramona Falls" <list@ramonafalls.com>
Subject: June 12th in Seattle, July 31st in Portland, Album Update, Get Hip to Tangents
Date: June 1st 2011

Dear Ramona Falls Listeners,

We want you to be the first to know :

1) Live Wire!

� June 3rd (this Friday) : Ramona Falls plays 2 songs on Live Wire! radio program at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon.

2) Charity!

� June 12th (Sunday) : Ramona Falls All Ages Concert for Noise for the Needy at the Vera Project in Seattle, Washington.

3) (Rocking and) Rolling on a River!

� July 31st (Sunday ) : Ramona Falls Concert for The Big Float at the eastbank of the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, Oregon. We play at 5pm.

4) Album Update!

5) Shameless Promotion of Tangentially-Related Material!

Menomena, Lost Lander, and Dear Reader

Live Wire!

(�and by �Guys!� of course I mean �male Ramona Falls enthusiasts� as well as �female Ramona Falls enthusiasts�)

Guys! Ramona Falls is back in a BIG way.
(�and by �BIG way� of course I mean �we�re playing 1/6th of a show this week")

Guys! Ramona Falls is back in a BIG way. We�re going to be on the RADIO!
(�and by �RADIO� I mean Oregon Public Broadcasting� which is like KROQ for the half-caff soy latte set)

Guys! This Friday, Ramona Falls is going to be performing some Ramona Falls music as part of �Live Wire." I�ve never seen �Live Wire," but I hear that it�s like an Oregon-y version of �Prairie Home Companion." I�ve also never seen �Prairie Home Companion.�

Perhaps it would be better to say that �Live Wire� is like �In Living Color," except everyone is white, and instead of being on television, it�s on the radio, and instead of �Fly Girls," they have Ramona Falls.


Here�s something else that you should probably know: Ramona Falls is going to Seattle on June 12th, and when we get there we�re going to rock (all the way) out along with Mt. St. Helen's Vietnam Band, Land of Pines, and Kithkin (Doors at 7:30pm, RF plays at 10pm). Apparently, there�s a benefit going on called �Noise for the Needy." If there�s one thing that underprivileged people need, it�s independent rock and roll. If there�re two things that underprivileged people need, they are independent rock and roll and economic empowerment, and I think this event aims to deliver both (I�m not entirely sure who this event benefits� it�s either homeless people or multi-national corporations / hedge fund managers; I couldn�t really tease it out in the 23 seconds I spent scrolling through the website).

(Rocking and) Rolling on a River!

In Portland we�ve got this river called the Willamette, and like any respectable river in any respectably-sized American city, it�s polluted to its saturation point!

�or at least that�s the prevailing impression. Apparently, some greenies got it in their heads to un-pollute the river (which sounds like a fairly challenging thing to do), and they�re so cocky about how un-polluted they�ve made the river that they�re organizing an event where a bunch of people are supposed to jump in the river together and then float around for a while. Sound kind of cool, if you don�t have access to a Ski-doo. If you do have access to a Ski-doo, I�d recommend skipping this thing and carving some seriously sick fishtails instead.

It happens on July 31st, and I think Ramona Falls is going to be playing at 5pm on the edge of the river as people float (or Ski-doo) by. I�ve always wanted to play on a cruise ship. This will be like a really low-rent version of that. Cool.

Album Update !

I might also mention that Ramona Falls has been working on a new record. We have an immaculately organized dropbox folder that contains twenty or so demos, all of which sound like Grammy winners in their present �out-of-tune piano recorded into a computer mic� form. I�m crossing my fingers that we don�t drop the ball somewhere between here and mastering.

If I get my way, the record is going to be all steel drums, beat-boxing, and theremin� but I�m a little concerned that Brent and I might not see eye to eye in that regard.

We�re going to try to finish the record as soon as we can, so if you care at all about Ramona Falls music, please stop inviting us out for drinks, having us over for dinner, asking us to sleep with you, guilt-tripping us into pet sitting, posting alluring pictures of yourselves on social networking sites, or emailing us internet videos of kittens.

Shameless Promotion of Tangentially-Related Material !

In other recorded-audio news:

1. Menomena�s �I Am The Fun Blame Monster� album was recently re-released, after being out of print for a while. The re-release includes a cache of B-sides that I had never heard before (and I was kind of into that band for a while). In physical format, there�s also a DVD that includes a clip of an adorably under-aged Menomena playing a show at the Meow Meow in, like, 1982.

2. Lost Lander is the name of Ramona Falls guitarist Matt Sheehy�s new band. They�ve recently launched a website which is offering up a free download of a track called �Cold Feet�. Brent produced the album, Dave (Ramona Falls bass player) also plays bass in the live incantation, and I did a little HR work to help them find a drummer. The music is like Bartok meets Public Enemy meets Michael Dukakis, and you�re probably going to love it. Coincidentally, Lost Lander is playing tomorrow at Holocene. Maybe you should go to it. The Holocene performance is going to be their first real show, and their first show with new keyboardist Sarah Fennell. She�s really cute. I think you�re going to have a crush on her.

One last Lost Lander note: Matt�s launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate funds for the manufacture of the Lost Lander album. (You see� I always thought that you had to spend your days working a soul-deadening office job to pay for your musical dalliances, but apparently Matt�s gonna get the internet to fund it. Clever fellow.) Matt did the Kickstarter video like a mock-telethon. It�s kind of funny. You might want to watch it, even if you don�t like his music. He had me dress up in a rainbow jumpsuit and dance around with a dog and a tambourine for the video. I probably shouldn�t have done that. It wasn�t exactly a flattering look.

3. Dear Reader has got a song available for internet downloading called �Monkey�. Brent produced that tune (and the rest of the upcoming album that goes along with it). It�s primate rock, something to play on your trip to the zoo. You should probably download it.

Yours in 1100 words or less,

Paul Alcott

Ramona Falls touring drummer / email lackey

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